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Provisioning massively cross-compiled binaries to Raspberry Pi (arm) using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible and Python

If you are involved in an IoT or Mobile Application provisioning Project you probably need build a mechanism to spread your application binaries to all Devices on stock and to all the rolled out Devices. With this Proof-of-concept I will

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Running multi-container (WSO2 BAM & MAC Address Lookup) Docker Application using Docker Compose

In my 4 previous blog post I explained each part of this Proof-of-concept, they are: Analysing Wireless traffic in real time with WSO2 BAM, Apache Cassandra, Complex Event Processor (CEP Siddhi), Apache Thrift and Python: Part I ( Part II

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Wardriving with WIFI Pineapple Nano in Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona

WIFI Pineapple Nano is a nice tiny device to do Wireless Security Auditing. It has OpenWRT embedded as S.O. with 2 Wireless NIC pre-configured and a lot of Security tools pre-installed ready to perform a Security Wireless Auditing. For further

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Creating a VM with WSO2 servers for development with Vagrant & Puppet

This VM is suitable to develop with WSO2 products and puts focus only in the server side (WSO2 servers, mock server and different tools to host our micro/services) and not in desktop side (Eclipse, SoapUI, Maven, etc.). The main objetive

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Creando un nube privada “low cost” con Proxmox VE 3.0

Actualmente existe una oferta muy rica de proveedores de infraestructura o hosting y proveedores de tecnología para sacar el máximo provecho de dicha infraestructura, aún más importante, a un coste razonablemente bajo usando tecnología free y open source. En mi

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Creando túneles SSH a SSH Server, MySQL Server y a LDAP Server desde Windows y con Tunnelier

He tenido que administrar varios servidores virtuales (Proxmox) que exponen diferentes servicios como SSH server, MySQL server y LDAP server, pero al que no podemos acceder directamente, lo tuve que hacer accediendo remotamente desde un cliente SSH y luego haciendo

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Open files in Ubuntu as ROOT from WinSCP remotely

I would like to share a tip, frequently we need modify protected files (i.e. in an Ubuntu box) from WinSCP remotely, but sometimes that is impossible. If you have a non-privileged user and want to edit a root protected file

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