Agile BPM Systems development with Camunda Fox and Alfresco Activiti

Is Agile BPM systems development possible?. Yes, it is possible.

This is the main reason why I like Intalio BPMS (BPMN, BPEL, BRE, ESB/SOA, BAM/BI, ECM and Portal integration and Rich Web RAD with Tibco GI).

Camunda Fox: Development process centric applications approach

Camunda Fox is “[…] an open source BPM platform. It helps you to build process-centric software solutions in Java.” (

Camunda explains its approach in this blogpost: Making the BPMN Roundtrip real

Activiti is “[…] Activiti is a Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow system targeted at business peopledevelopers and system admins.” (

Activiti Cycle is collaborative approach in BPMS: “[…] The Process Cycle Layer identifies the layer on which business stakeholders, developers and IT operations people collaborate.” (

Now, Camunda Fox (Free/Open Source project) is integrating and aligning to Activiti Cycle ( .

On 1st of september, Activi 5.0.beta1 was released containing the first Camunda contribution! (

I will follow evolution of this interesting initiative and hope to write soon on this and even maybe a comparison with the Intalio BPMS approach.

Activiti Cycle approach mockup

Activiti Cycle approach mockup


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