My first UMPC, The XO-1 OLPC

Yes, I could get a XO-1 and am very impressed by the quality Ultra mobile PC (UMPC).


XO-1 is well thought out in every way:

  • Is secure, the Bitfrost approach gives a holistic security, from delivery of PC, first boot, authentication for childs, etc.
  • Is usable, with Sugar all software applications (aka Activities) does easy to learn.
  • Is mobile, has mesh wireless support, is no necessary get internet because its mobile ad-hoc networking is used to allow many machines to share Internet access from one connection. It has low-power consumption.
  • Is Freee/Open Source device, inclusive the Firmware/Bios is FOS, except the WIFI driver for mesh purposes.

The specs of my XO-1 are:

  • CPU: 433 MHz AMD Geode LX-700 at 0.8 watts, with integrated graphics controller
  • Display dual-mode 19.1 cm/7.5″ diagonal TFT LCD 1200×900 (200 dpi).
  • 256 MB of Dual (DDR266) 133 MHz DRAM.
  • 1024 kB (1 MB) flash ROM with open-source Open Firmware.
  • 1024 MB of SLC NAND flash memory.
  • Operating system: Fedora-based (Linux)
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g /s wireless LAN, 3 USB 2.0 ports and MMC/SD card slot
  • Input: Keyboard (water proof), Touchpad, Microphone, built-in video Camera (640×480; 30 FPS)
  • Weight: LiFeP battery: 1.45 kg [3.2 pounds]; NiMH battery: 1.58 kg [3.5 pounds]

There are some things that should improve, for example:

  • There is not a Video-out port
  • Sound card is of poor quality
  • The touch-pad has a pointer jumper, this is a bug reported

Whatever, the XO-1’s are fine for the purposes they were designed, for the childs and learning.

I hope to continue my research and soon I will post other comment about of XO-1 overclocking and hacking.

Ah, the booting of my XO-1 took 80 seconds aprox. You can see it in this video:



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