Some years ago I have used many open source tools to cover identity management projects, there was not a unique tool that allows me to cover the entire life cycle of identity management projects. Only as a sample, I list of tools that I used in my last projects: 1.- Directory or LDAP servers:

[caption id=”attachment_1038” align=”aligncenter” width=”150”]WSO2 Identity Server WSO2 Identity Server[/caption] The WSO2 Identity Server (aka WSO2 IS) is a WSO2’s product oriented to Identity Management (IdM) perfectly suitable for SOA/BPM projects, SaaS and PaaS projects. WSO2 IS is a free and open source product and helps us to manage all life cycle of IdM’s projects, its main functionalities for the current version (4.5.0) are: 1.- Identity Management

  • Multifactor Authentication, Credentials Management (Provisioning via SCIM, User Storage Management using ApacheDS, Multi Users Storage, ), SSO (Kerberos, SAML2, OpenID), Federation (OpenID, SAML2, WS-Trust STS), Delegation (OAuth, WS-Trust), REST security (OAuth, XACML), XKMS (Key Storage and distribution), Account Management (Password Policies, account locking, customizable login pages, account recovery) and out-of-box integration with SaaS apps as Google Apps and Salesforce. 2.- Entitlement Management
  • RBAC, XACML (attribute or claim based access control), WS-Trust, OpenID.
  • Fine-graned policy based access control via XACML.
  • Authorization for any REST or SOAP calls. 3.- Integrable and/or Developer friendly
  • Many IdM functionalities are exposed as API (SOAP and REST calls).
  • Clustering for high available deployment.
  • Integrated to WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus for AuthZ and AuthN. 4.- Managed
  • Integrated with WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring for operational auditing and KPI.
  • JMX MBeans for metrics and management.
  • Integrated with WSO2 Governance Registry for configuration management (multiple deployments, versioning of configurations).
  • Logging support. Well, WSO2 IS is constantly evolving, although still is in the version 4.5.0, many of its attractive features are 1-2 years old. The big advantage is that WSO2’s engineers are working hard and WSO2 has an active community supporting it. In this blog we will be publishing a series of articles related to WSO2IS for anyone interested in IdM and security can begin rapidly. Then I leave the official source WSO2 IS resources:
  • WSO2 IS - Product Documentation
  • WSO2 IS - Support in StackOverflow
  • WSO2 IS - Source code I hope you have been useful.